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Five Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life During Pregnancy

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Taking care of yourself during pregnancy may seem like a full-time job, but with a bit of guidance and planning you’ll be able to work out a routine soon enough. Pregnancy is an all-encompassing life event, and with so many things to think about, it may affect your quality of life.

Maintaining a healthy balance in all aspects of your life aids the development of your unborn child, and your physical and mental health. With these five tips to improve your quality of life during pregnancy, you can minimise your stress and prepare for your new family member in peace. 

Schedule Regular Check-Ups with Your Doctor

During the first pregnancy you would be experiencing everything for the first time and it’s challenging to know what is expected and what is unusual. Schedule regular appointments with your gynaecologist or obstetrician to closely monitor the development of your baby and ask your doctor questions. Knowing that your baby is developing as expected will ease your anxiety immensely and improve your quality of life.

Watch What You Eat

During pregnancy, it is essential to maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Alongside your prescribed pregnancy vitamins and minerals, you must ensure you eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, high fibre grains and cereals, drink plenty of water, and avoid excessive salt, sugar, and saturated fat. 

Foods to avoid, which may cause food-borne illnesses such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis:

  • Unpasteurised soft cheeses
  • Unpasteurised milk and juice
  • Food containing raw egg 
  • Undercooked or raw meat such as sushi
  • Processed meat such as deli meats and hot dogs

Stay Active Throughout Your Pregnancy

Daily exercise will get your blood flowing, improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep at night. While it is best to consult your doctor on the best forms of exercise for you, you may want to consider low-impact, less strenuous activities. Be sure to inform your instructor that you are pregnant, so that they can adjust exercises where necessary. 

Get Plenty of Rest

We lead fast-paced lives, but you still need to get enough rest. Without enough sleep, you are more prone to mood swings, a suppressed immune system, and depression. To promote a good quality of life during pregnancy, make sure you maintain a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Practice relaxation techniques and switch off your devices an hour before bed, so you’re able to fall asleep more easily. 

Connect with Other Expecting Mothers

No matter how supportive your friends or partner may be, they are not in your shoes. But there are many online forums and support groups for expecting mothers. By connecting with other women experiencing the same or similar things, you will feel more supported and at ease with the changes you are experiencing. This will help you support your mental health during pregnancy. 

To improve your quality of life during pregnancy, it’s best to discuss any concerns you have with your doctor. They will give you information which caters specifically to your unique needs depending on any existing medical conditions and risk factors.

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