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Ultrasound Sydney – Welcome to OMNI Ultrasound & Gynaecological Care.

OMNI is Sydney’s premiere gynaecological ultrasound service providing the highest quality imaging of the female pelvis for non-pregnant and pregnant women. OMNI is the first ultrasound centre of excellence in Australia which focuses primarily on gynaecological imaging and is dedicated to Endometriosis Ultrasound.

Endometriosis Ultrasound was introduced to Australia by OMNI’s Director, Associate Professor Condous, who is at the forefront of endometriosis and early pregnancy research. Through advanced non-invasive diagnostics such as ‘deep endometriosis’ ultrasound or Sonovaginography (SVG) and Hysterosalpingo-Contrast-Sonography (HyCoSy), OMNI is equipped with the latest ultrasound technology and high-skilled personnel to always deliver a sound, professional service in relation to endometriosis and fertility assessment. The introduction of SonoPODography (SPG) allows the experts at OMNI to be the first group in the world to visualise superficial endometriosis.

OMNI’s 3D/4D advanced ultrasound technology allows us to provide expectant parents with a real-time view of their unborn child during the antenatal period. Our pregnancy scanning services encompass all trimesters throughout pregnancy from early pregnancy dating and viability scans to late pregnancy fetal growth assessment.

Located in St Leonards, Somerset Hospital in Kingswood and in the Sydney CBD, OMNI is a centre of excellence for gynaecological and pregnancy scanning for women of all ages. Our comforting and friendly environment is fully equipped with the latest 3D/4D ultrasound technology.

For expectant mothers, OMNI is here to expertly guide you through every stage of your pregnancy journey, from the beginning of the 1st trimester to the finale of the 3rd trimester. Antenatal care is important in helping to obtain the best possible outcome for both mother and child. Traditionally this involves a number of ultrasound scheduled visits on a regular basis to ensure optimum health for you and your unborn child.

OMNI only accepts referrals made by either your GP or your Specialist. We provide you with high-quality expert transvaginal scanning, negating the need for exposure to radiation in the context of X-Ray and/or CT imaging. OMNI’s unique approach to non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound ensures your welfare and concerns are our priority.

Dr George Condous on Endometriosis Ultrasounds at the World Congress on Endometriosis

Dr George Condous on the Development of Ultrasound to Diagnose Endometriosis

Prof. Condous performs ‘live’ endometriosis scan at ISUOG Virtual World Congress 2020

UOG Video Animation – showing the prevalence results of negative sliding sign in low risk gynaecological population

OMNI specialises in ultrasound assessments

At OMNI we specialise in ultrasound assessment of the pelvis and fundamental diagnostic information for pregnant women. This not only reassures mothers-to-be about the health of their baby but provides those experiencing gynaecological complications critical information to enable immediate and appropriate informed planning.

OMNI also has the latest in 3D/4D baby vision which means that the baby’s real-time motions can be seen. 3D images will be made available via our ‘OMNI ULTRASOUND APP’ giving you a view of your beautiful baby’s features on your iPhone or Android device well before delivery.

Downloading the free ‘OMNI ULTRASOUND APP’ via the App Store or Google Play Store not only helps you to calculate crucial ultrasound scan dates, but also enables you to interact with all your baby’s images, allowing you to share your experience with friends and family through both Facebook and email.

Same Day Scanning for your peace of mind

At OMNI we are aware that healthcare complications associated with pregnancy can occur without warning, and we are conscious of how traumatic and distressful these situations can be. This is why OMNI offers same-day ultrasound scans for women in urgent cases, which ensures the very best and expeditious diagnostic care.

OMNI’s ultrasound team incorporates the latest developments and approaches to tailor-make a continuity of care program according to each woman’s specific needs and requirements.


Our warm and caring staff look forward to welcoming you to any of our three OMNI clinics operating in Sydney. Our Sydney CBD clinic is located on level 10 of the William Bland Centre, at 229 Macquarie Street; while our Penrith branch is located on Derby Street, adjacent to Nepean Hospital in Kingswood. We also have a clinic in St Leonards, on Northcote Street (near both the Royal North Shore and North Shore Private Hospitals). All appointments made online or telephonically need to have an accompanying letter of referral from your GP or Specialist.

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